class, path=None, overwrite=True, sha1_hash=None, retries=5, verify_ssl=True, log=True)[source]


Download a given URL.

Codes borrowed from mxnet/gluon/

  • url (str) – URL to download.

  • path (str, optional) – Destination path to store downloaded file. By default stores to the current directory with the same name as in url.

  • overwrite (bool, optional) – Whether to overwrite the destination file if it already exists. By default always overwrites the downloaded file.

  • sha1_hash (str, optional) – Expected sha1 hash in hexadecimal digits. Will ignore existing file when hash is specified but doesn’t match.

  • retries (integer, default 5) – The number of times to attempt downloading in case of failure or non 200 return codes.

  • verify_ssl (bool, default True) – Verify SSL certificates.

  • log (bool, default True) – Whether to print the progress for download


The file path of the downloaded file.

Return type: