Welcome to Deep Graph Library Tutorials and Documentation

Deep Graph Library (DGL) is a Python package built for easy implementation of graph neural network model family, on top of existing DL frameworks (currently supporting PyTorch, MXNet and TensorFlow). It offers a versatile control of message passing, speed optimization via auto-batching and highly tuned sparse matrix kernels, and multi-GPU/CPU training to scale to graphs of hundreds of millions of nodes and edges.

Getting Started

For absolute beginners, start with the Blitz Introduction to DGL. It covers the basic concepts of common graph machine learning tasks and a step-by-step on building Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) to solve them.

For acquainted users who wish to learn more advanced usage,


DGL is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Apache License 2.0. We welcome contributions. Join us on GitHub and check out our contribution guidelines.