class, force_reload=False, verbose=True, transform=None)[source]

Bases: DGLBuiltinDataset

Actor-only induced subgraph of the film-directoractor-writer network from Social Influence Analysis in Large-scale Networks <>, introduced by Geom-GCN: Geometric Graph Convolutional Networks <>

Nodes represent actors, and edges represent co-occurrence on the same Wikipedia page. Node features correspond to some keywords in the Wikipedia pages.


  • Nodes: 7600

  • Edges: 33391

  • Number of Classes: 5

  • 10 train/val/test splits

    • Train: 3648

    • Val: 2432

    • Test: 1520

  • raw_dir (str, optional) – Raw file directory to store the processed data. Default: ~/.dgl/

  • force_reload (bool, optional) – Whether to re-download the data source. Default: False

  • verbose (bool, optional) – Whether to print progress information. Default: True

  • transform (callable, optional) – A transform that takes in a DGLGraph object and returns a transformed version. The DGLGraph object will be transformed before every access. Default: None


Number of node classes




The graph does not come with edges for both directions.


Gets the data object at index.


The number of examples in the dataset.