Source code for dgl.nn.pytorch.conv.gatedgraphconv

"""Torch Module for Gated Graph Convolution layer"""
# pylint: disable= no-member, arguments-differ, invalid-name, cell-var-from-loop
import torch as th
from torch import nn
from torch.nn import init

from .... import function as fn

[docs]class GatedGraphConv(nn.Module): r"""Gated Graph Convolution layer from paper `Gated Graph Sequence Neural Networks <>`__. .. math:: h_{i}^{0} & = [ x_i \| \mathbf{0} ] a_{i}^{t} & = \sum_{j\in\mathcal{N}(i)} W_{e_{ij}} h_{j}^{t} h_{i}^{t+1} & = \mathrm{GRU}(a_{i}^{t}, h_{i}^{t}) Parameters ---------- in_feats : int Input feature size. out_feats : int Output feature size. n_steps : int Number of recurrent steps. n_etypes : int Number of edge types. bias : bool If True, adds a learnable bias to the output. Default: ``True``. """ def __init__(self, in_feats, out_feats, n_steps, n_etypes, bias=True): super(GatedGraphConv, self).__init__() self._in_feats = in_feats self._out_feats = out_feats self._n_steps = n_steps self._n_etypes = n_etypes self.linears = nn.ModuleList( [nn.Linear(out_feats, out_feats) for _ in range(n_etypes)] ) self.gru = nn.GRUCell(out_feats, out_feats, bias=bias) self.reset_parameters() def reset_parameters(self): """Reinitialize learnable parameters.""" gain = init.calculate_gain('relu') self.gru.reset_parameters() for linear in self.linears: init.xavier_normal_(linear.weight, gain=gain) init.zeros_(linear.bias)
[docs] def forward(self, graph, feat, etypes): """Compute Gated Graph Convolution layer. Parameters ---------- graph : DGLGraph The graph. feat : torch.Tensor The input feature of shape :math:`(N, D_{in})` where :math:`N` is the number of nodes of the graph and :math:`D_{in}` is the input feature size. etypes : torch.LongTensor The edge type tensor of shape :math:`(E,)` where :math:`E` is the number of edges of the graph. Returns ------- torch.Tensor The output feature of shape :math:`(N, D_{out})` where :math:`D_{out}` is the output feature size. """ assert graph.is_homograph(), \ "not a homograph; convert it with to_homo and pass in the edge type as argument" graph = graph.local_var() zero_pad = feat.new_zeros((feat.shape[0], self._out_feats - feat.shape[1])) feat =[feat, zero_pad], -1) for _ in range(self._n_steps): graph.ndata['h'] = feat for i in range(self._n_etypes): eids = (etypes == i).nonzero().view(-1) if len(eids) > 0: graph.apply_edges( lambda edges: {'W_e*h': self.linears[i](edges.src['h'])}, eids ) graph.update_all(fn.copy_e('W_e*h', 'm'), fn.sum('m', 'a')) a = graph.ndata.pop('a') # (N, D) feat = self.gru(a, feat) return feat