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from scipy import io
import numpy as np
import os

from .utils import get_download_dir, download
from ..graph import DGLGraph

[docs]class QM7b(object): """ This dataset consists of 7,211 molecules with 14 regression targets. Nodes means atoms and edges means bonds. Edge data 'h' means the entry of Coulomb matrix. Reference: - `QM7b Dataset <>`_ """ _url = '' \ 'datasets/qm7b.mat' def __init__(self): self.dir = get_download_dir() self.path = os.path.join(self.dir, 'qm7b', "qm7b.mat") download(self._url, path=self.path) self.graphs = [] self._load(self.path) def _load(self, filename): data = io.loadmat(self.path) labels = data['T'] feats = data['X'] num_graphs = labels.shape[0] self.label = labels for i in range(num_graphs): g = DGLGraph() edge_list = feats[i].nonzero() num_nodes = np.max(edge_list) + 1 g.add_nodes(num_nodes) g.add_edges(edge_list[0], edge_list[1]) g.edata['h'] = feats[i][edge_list[0], edge_list[1]].reshape(-1, 1) self.graphs.append(g) def __getitem__(self, idx): return self.graphs[idx], self.label[idx] def __len__(self): return len(self.graphs)