SharedMemoryDGLGraph.group_apply_edges(group_by, func, edges='__ALL__', inplace=True)[source]
Group the edges by nodes and apply the function on the grouped edges to

update their features.

In the graph store, all updates are written inplace.

  • group_by (str) – Specify how to group edges. Expected to be either ‘src’ or ‘dst’

  • func (callable) – Apply function on the edge. The function should be an Edge UDF. The input of Edge UDF should be (bucket_size, degrees, *feature_shape), and return the dict with values of the same shapes.

  • edges (valid edges type, optional) – Edges on which to group and apply func. See send() for valid edges type. Default is all the edges.

  • inplace (bool, optional) – The value is always True.