DGLGraph.adjacency_matrix_scipy(transpose=None, fmt='csr', return_edge_ids=None)[source]

Return the scipy adjacency matrix representation of this graph.

By default, a row of returned adjacency matrix represents the destination of an edge and the column represents the source.

When transpose is True, a row represents the source and a column represents a destination.

  • transpose (bool, optional (default=False)) – A flag to transpose the returned adjacency matrix.
  • fmt (str, optional (default='csr')) – Indicates the format of returned adjacency matrix.
  • return_edge_ids (bool, optional (default=True)) – If True, the elements in the adjacency matrix are edge ids. Note that one of the element is 0. Proceed with caution. If False, the elements will be always 1.

The scipy representation of adjacency matrix.

Return type: