7.2 Tools for launching distributed training/inferenceΒΆ

DGL provides a launching script launch.py under dgl/tools to launch a distributed training job in a cluster. This script makes the following assumptions:

  • The partitioned data and the training script have been provisioned to the cluster or a shared storage (e.g., NFS) accessible to all the worker machines.

  • The machine that invokes launch.py has passwordless ssh access to all other machines. The launching machine must be one of the worker machines.

Below shows an example of launching a distributed training job in a cluster.

python3 tools/launch.py               \
  --workspace /my/workspace/          \
  --num_trainers 2                    \
  --num_samplers 4                    \
  --num_servers 1                     \
  --part_config data/mygraph.json     \
  --ip_config ip_config.txt           \
  "python3 my_train_script.py"

The argument specifies the workspace path, where to find the partition metadata JSON and machine IP configurations, how many trainer, sampler, and server processes to be launched on each machine. The last argument is the command to launch which is usually the model training/evaluation script.

Each line of ip_config.txt is the IP address of a machine in the cluster. Optionally, the IP address can be followed by a network port (default is 30050). A typical example is as follows:

The workspace specified in the launch script is the working directory in the machines, which contains the training script, the IP configuration file, the partition configuration file as well as the graph partitions. All paths of the files should be specified as relative paths to the workspace.

The launch script creates a specified number of training jobs (--num_trainers) on each machine. In addition, users need to specify the number of sampler processes for each trainer (--num_samplers).