Module for graph traversal methods.

Graph traversal algorithms implemented as python generators, which returns the visited set of nodes or edges at each iteration. The naming convention is <algorithm>_[nodes|edges]_generator. An example usage is as follows.

g = ...  # some DGLGraph
for nodes in dgl.bfs_nodes_generator(g, 0):
bfs_nodes_generator(graph, source[, reverse]) Node frontiers generator using breadth-first search.
bfs_edges_generator(graph, source[, reverse]) Edges frontiers generator using breadth-first search.
topological_nodes_generator(graph[, reverse]) Node frontiers generator using topological traversal.
dfs_edges_generator(graph, source[, reverse]) Edge frontiers generator using depth-first-search (DFS).
dfs_labeled_edges_generator(graph, source[, …]) Produce edges in a depth-first-search (DFS) labeled by type.