Module for message propagation.

Propagate messages and perform computation following graph traversal order. prop_nodes_XXX calls traversal algorithm XXX and triggers pull() on the visited node set at each iteration. prop_edges_YYY applies traversal algorithm YYY and triggers send_and_recv() on the visited edge set at each iteration.

prop_nodes(graph, nodes_generator[, …])

Functional method for dgl.DGLGraph.prop_nodes().

prop_edges(graph, edges_generator[, …])

Functional method for dgl.DGLGraph.prop_edges().

prop_nodes_bfs(graph, source, message_func, …)

Message propagation using node frontiers generated by BFS.

prop_nodes_topo(graph, message_func, reduce_func)

Message propagation using node frontiers generated by topological order.

prop_edges_dfs(graph, source, message_func, …)

Message propagation using edge frontiers generated by labeled DFS.